The first MobilityRAI will be launched from 19 to 21 October 2017.
Initiated by the RAI Association and RAI Amsterdam, the three-day exhibition and conference offers a new business platform for professionals in the mobility sector.


The mobility landscape is developing at a rapid pace. Businesses need to be up to speed with issues like autonomous driving, last mile, zero emission, car sharing, drone distribution, platooning and more. In addition, there is a growth in package services, private lease companies, the sale of electric bicycles and, unfortunately, congestion. The MobilityRAI will address all these aspects and offer a single place and time to focus on the mobility of tomorrow via a combination of a three-day exhibition and conference.

Top 3 reasons to participate in the MobilityRAI 2017

Meet sector colleagues, learn about the issues that define mobility in the Netherlands, and help shape future editions of MobilityRAI.

Attractive exhibitor rates

Especially for this edition of the MobilityRAI we are offering extra attractive exhibitor rates as well as a comprehensive range of facilities to ensure your participation is successful.

For and by the market

The MobilityRAI is for and by the market. The departmental management teams of the RAI Association are closely involved in the organisation of the event, and non-members can also participate.

Decision-making visitors

The database of RAI Amsterdam comprises over 60,000 professionals in the mobility sector. With your help, we can attract the right target groups.

The exhibition (19 to 21 October)

The exhibition segment of the MobilityRAI will cover a broad range of players in road transport (cargo transport), equipment and logistic services. In addition to the latest vehicle-related products, there is a focus on the process-related aspect of transport and logistics (hardware and software) as well as social issues such as financial services, insurance, work and education.

The conference (19 and 20 October)

The conference is organised by and for the market. The RAI Association and RAI Amsterdam are working with market stakeholders, and offers options for partnerships with companies from the sector and beyond. For more information, contact Marcel Veldkamp.


RAI Association/CarrosserieNL members

65.00 Per m2

Non-members RAI Association

105.00 Per m2

Standard uniform stand construction

45.00 Per m2

Carpet tiles
Fascia board with company name

Luxury uniform stand construction

65.00 Per m2

Wooden walls finished with flannel
Carpet tiles
Fascia board with company name

Floor plan


Exhibition participation is not an everyday activity for many companies. We have a wealth of experience in this field at your disposal and look forward to advising you!

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Tom Mous


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